Why Taxtris?

Give your customers a ready-made solution for managing their tax obligations without leaving your platform.

Build your product, not your tax team.

Seamlessly integrate our digital asset tax and optimization solution into your business.

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Our Investors

Backed by the biggest names in venture capital & native crypto

About us

Digital currencies are reshaping the financial landscape, but with innovation comes the intricacy of tax compliance.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets, there's a growing need for clarity around taxation. Taxtris was founded with this exact challenge in mind.

With our strong roots serving one of the biggest names in web2 and helping them grow internationally while remain compliant, we're passionate about making the tax side of things easier for everyone.

We're here to support digital platforms globally, ensuring their users get clear and easy tax reports. And while we always prioritize user simplicity, rest assured, we're on top of all the nitty-gritty tax details and are always looking for ways to enhance our system and its connections


Our team

Taxtris is built by a team of professionals with experience in tax optimization and automation, managing products and teams at startups both big and small, and building complex software solutions. 

marko jukic
Marko Jukic

Former MD at Fonoa experienced in building successful tax software

Serial entrepreneur, ex MD at Rocket internet

Igor Svehla
Igor Svehla

Former B2B Founder & Associate at Techstars

Director of Software Engineering at Rimac Automobili secret project and 20+ years of experience in Development

Filip Kraljickovic
Filip Kraljickovic
Head of Tax Product

Ex-Big4, attorney-at-law
International tax specialist

Advised and represented clients in various industries: from fintech, banking, SaaS

Our mission

Our mission is to create seamless tax reporting tool that helps platforms align their compliance obligations with local tax authorities, while in same time generate value to users with easy to use and build-in tax reports that save their time and maximise their investment opportunities.


Calculate tax obligations for your customers in a single API call for +30 countries


Issue compliant crypto tax reports for +30 countries


Help users optimize their taxes and manage their portfolio


Allow your user's to connect transaction data from other wallets, chains and CEXs

Seamlessly integrate the Taxtris crypto tax solution & grow your business

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